Our Team

Jen Ekberg

Hi, my name is Jen Ekberg. I am a Licensed Loan Originator at Benchmark Mortgage. I was one of Rocky's students in 2021. Once I passed I vowed to give back. I have been teaching Grid Guide Basics and Mortgage Math classes since March of 2021. While I was studying to pass the exam I created a "Grid Guide" to help myself. Once I passed I shared it in Rocky's group and it EXPLODED. 

In my grid guide classes we will go over memorization tips and tactics, acronyms, study plans, and laugh a lot. The goal is to have fun and retain as much information as possible. The grid guide can be seen all over the United States in homes, realtor offices, and mortgage companies. 

 I am a glutton for volunteering. I run a 106 year old nonprofit called the Santa Claus Girls. My husband and I foster with Journey Home Animal Rescue and deliver Meals on Wheels to the homebound and eldery in our community. I got my teaching bug from my dad. He has been a volunteer Hunters Safety Instructor for 25+ years. I was just awarded my 10 year anniversary Hunters Safety plaque in 2022. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my boys, baking, going on vacation with family or friends and listening to audiobooks.

Celeste Finkler

Once I decided to make the change, I took my 20 hour course. I studied that material from the course and a couple days before my test, I searched for a study group in Facebook and found MLO STUDY BUDDY LETS PASS THE SAFE MLO TEST. I joined the group and saw everyone talking about Rocky. I decided to attend one of his nightly classes. I was blown away! I thought these people were studying for a different test. I quickly logged out of the class! I continued to study and then went and took the test! I FAILED.  I was heartbroken, discouraged, and frustrated 

so I decided to message Rocky. He was so encouraging and gave me a plan, so I ran with it! I started a small study group, Faithful Facts. I created a study guide and we were grinding everyday. In the evenings, we would go to Rocky’s class every night! Two weeks before my test, I began raising my hand in his class!! A couple days before my test, he told me I wasn’t ready. I rescheduled my test for one week and he finally told me I was ready. I took the test with confidence, incorporated some study tips that I had learnt and I killed it with a 92%. I did what it takes to beat the test that has a pass rate of 43% on subsequent tries. I became obsessed once I found this group AND I’m still obsessed!

I host a class every Saturday night where anyone can come and ask me anything! The purpose in my class is for you to come in with a question and for me to help you to understand the answer!! If I don’t know the answer, I will find out for you! Let’s face it, no one knows everything! Come join us at OBSESSION = SUCCESS on Saturday nights at 8pm and let’s be obsessed together.. Don’t forget, it’s only for a season!!

Jack Carpenter

Hello EveryoneI I’m Jack Carpenter and I am a proud graduate of the 2021 Study Buddy group.  If I can do it, so can you!  I am currently working full time as an MLO for Homestar, and loving it! 

As part of a nationwide Covid Layoff, I found myself trying to decide what I wanted to do as my final career choice, and a friend of mine told me to look into being an MLO. I did, and liked what I saw.  So I took my 20 hour class, started preparing for the exam, was feeling pretty good about it, 

and then found the MLO Study Buddy group and Rocky.  Attending my first class let me know just how much I didn’t know AND needed to learn to pass the exam.  I went to every group class offered, became LASER-FOCUSED and passed with a 93 on my first attempt.  Teaching my class is my way of giving back to the group, Rocky, Jen and the people who taught classes and helped me pass. 

So, about my Class.  Nothing fancy about the title; “All About Arms” but in it you will learn the process and the formulas I came up with to answer ANY arms question you could possibly have on the exam.  Seriously, haven’t seen a single question that it doesn’t work. 

So if you want to understand and know you can crush ARMS, you need to check it out.  Hope to see you there.

p.s. We do cover LTV/CLTV/HCLTV as well. 

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