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MLO Study Buddy puts you in control of your studying experience. You have the ability to learn with other people who also need to pass their SAFE MLO Exam.


Do You Want To Pass The SAFE MLO Exam?

I bet you'd like to have the confidence to truly understand the content, and pass the test with ease. You know your life will change forever after having passed this test, and you look forward to starting your new, highly profitable career as soon as possible...

To achieve those things, you need to feel more confident that the time you are taking to study, is as effective as it can be. That means you not only know the material, but you understand the material and can apply it.

But life is busy, and you need to make sure you're getting the most out of every minute you devote to studying for this test. All the material is important and needed to pass the SAFE MLO Exam, we will provide the tools needed to obtain full knowledge and confidence needed to pass your exam.

What you study is just as important as retention. Are you actually retaining all the information you're studying? Once you begin retaining the material, the confidence you need to pass the SAFE MLO Exam will build and carry you to your goal of passing

Well, it's time to take a big step in building your confidence. It's time start focusing on obtaining the knowledge and the confidence you'll need to pass this test. And the members of our group will help!

It's Time For You To Join The MLO Study Buddy Group

The MLO Study Buddy Group puts you in control of your studying experience. You have the ability to learn with others who need to pass their test, and learn from many who have passed! 

Here’s What You’ll Get Access To In the Group

ALL instructors in the group have used the Study Buddy program and have passed the exam to become a licensed MLO. There is no better instructor than one who has experienced the same stress of studying and passing this exam.

Our members have free access to plenty of study materials, including PDFs, videos, downloads, study meet-ups and more. Stop wasting time and start getting much better results from your study time. You can access the group on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Daily Live Q&A Sessions

The Daily Live Study Sessions are zoom trainings where you work with multiple trainers and students with the same goals, passing this test!

Exclusive Study Materials

MLO Study Buddy offers some of the best quality study materials for the SAFE MLO Exam, and they're (currently) free!

Live Video Trainings

All of our live video trainings are interactive sessions where you can ask questions, discuss and tutor with like-minded students and trainers who've past the test.

Post Passing Guidance

Once you pass the SAFE MLO Exam our instructors can help you navigate thought the next steps needed in getting your license and finding sponsorship in your state.

Here’s what people are saying about the group!

Our group has played a very important role in the success of thousands of people just like you. Don't believe us, here are a few compliments we've received!

Here's what's inside the group

And how it is going to help you pass!


Downloadable MLO Study Buddy Grid Guide

We have downloadable and printable guides that have many important topics organized in a way that is sure to help you pass the Mortgage Loan Officer test. Simply download, print, and use it to study every day till the day you go for testing.


Live Daily Study Groups

Our daily study groups are moderated by industry experts. These training sessions are designed to help you pass the SAFE MLO Exam. The daily trainings offer live Q&A as well as peer help sessions and even breakout groups to help with areas you may need more focus on.  


Video Training Links

You'll have access to video trainings that are to be used in conjunction with our study guides. The video trainings will help you review and learn the material faster and more efficiently.

Who Is Rocky Loguercio?

Rocky Loguercio is a licensed real estate agent and mortgage loan officer in the State of New York and loves helping families realize their homeownership dreams. Having much success in the industry, he has recently added training others to do the career he finds so much passion and happiness in.

Rocky's students value his high work ethic, integrity, and genuine concern for their needs and goals. He listens and delivers. He take the stress out of SAFE MLO Exam training and strives to make it as seamless, enjoyable, and efficient as possible.

Here’s what people are saying about our group and it's moderators!

These are people just like you, who may have been skeptical of the group and how it could help them. But they decided it was worth a try, and they now have nothing but great things to say about how they were helped. Your success story may be here soon too. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The group is free but the knowledge is priceless! What do you have to lose? We've had thousands of members pass their tests and we would like you to be next! 

Not sure where to start? Just join the group and you'll have dozens of people to connect with and help get you going. Get started on your new career today. Let's work together to get you confident that you'll pass the SAFE MLO Exam with ease! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SAFE MLO Exam difficult?

Yes this exam is difficult BUT with the proper study habits, preparation and knowledge you CAN pass this exam.

What score do you need to pass the SAFE MLO Exam?

The SAFE MLO Exam is a 120 multiple choice exam. A minimum score of 75% is required in order to pass.

How do you become an MLO?

To become a mortgage loan originator (MLO), there are 4 steps: 1. Register through the NMLS website. 2. Sign up for your 20 hour pre-licensing course. 3. Join the MLO Study Buddy group. 4. Take the SAFE MLO Exam!

What Does A Mortgage Loan Originator Do?

A Mortgage Loan Originator is a sales agent that helps individuals or families through the process of obtaining a loan to buy a home. A loan originator helps the customer, who is applying for a loan, by explaining the entire loan process and what is needed to apply for a mortgage loan. A loan originator can also be known as a mortgage broker and they operate in the financial industry, helping people to get the loan they need.

I'll see you in the group!

The MLO Study Buddy Program has helped thousands of people become mortgage loan originators. We have multiple success stories from people just like you who were searching for the best way to prepare for the test. And they're all very thankful for what they found in our group.  Our MLO Study Buddy members share their experience and advice to help you become a successful mortgage professional. And our trainings and moderators work tirelessly to help you build the confidence needed for that passing grade!

I'm so proud of this group. And I'm sure I'll be proud when you post your "I Passed" success story. But you need to take the first step today. Click below to get in the group!